Michelle Robinson-Hayes, BA HONS, DIP HYP CS, Owner Of Listening-Tree

About Michelle

Here at Listening-Tree Michelle Robinson-Hayes BA Hons, Dip Hyp CS, is passionate about mental health. She thrives on helping others who struggle with the stress’s and strains of modern day life.  She is a professional member of AAMET (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Technique).  Furthermore Michelle has professional memberships with the National Hypnotherapy Society, National Counselling Society  and is a Registered Member of BACP.  Michelle offers low cost Pshycotheraputic Counselling and Hypnotherapy to local people. She has advanced Hypnotherapy training and has trained in regression, trauma, PTSD, habits and conscious Health.

Since April 2018 I am a qualified Hypnotherapy Supervisor and am able to support other Hypnotherapists.  Please contact me for details.

Testimonials for Michelle

‘I would like to thank Michelle for all her help and support these past months, I’ve really appreciated it and noticed a big difference in my mindset.  Not only do I feel a lot happier in myself and more in control of my emotions, but a number of people around me have commented on how I have been lately too – which has only added to the positive experience.

From the very beginning Michelle made me feel at ease and in a safe space.  She is warm and caring and her counselling has given me hope that I can move on from a turbulent time in my life.  I can now look to the future with the confidence that she has helped me to help myself. I would gladly, and wholeheartedly, recommend her to anyone who is looking for a counsellor to help them.’

Mr B


“I saw Michelle in the Winter 2019 for help with anxiety and depression.  Through a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling she has helped me to alleviate some of my symptoms and get to the route of some of my issues.  She is personable and creates a welcoming, safe, environment for exploration and self learning.  I highly recommend Michelle.”
Mr A


I needed to speak to someone to help me make sense of the grief of losing my baby, my wife’s depression and the subsequent breakdown of my marriage.  Michelle has truly been a wonderful support and really has helped me find a strength within myself to face my darkest days.  I never thought counselling or therapy was for me but I can’t begin to tell you of support and comfort it has brought me, as well as the understanding I have learned from my sessions. 
Maybe if more people talked to someone like Michelle we’d all be better able to cope when feelings in life seems to go wrong.  My baby is still gone, my wife still lost but I promise my days are brighter as a result of talking to Michelle.
John Luck